Good Humor Rumor

Good Humor Rumor

Chocolate chip is best, but I’m amenable to berry
when we hit the ice cream aisle at the cash and carry.

Afterwards, we’ll both lie low until the carton’s finished,
for if we share our ice cream stash, it is too soon diminished.

But somehow when we’ve paid a visit to the frozen section,
it never seems to escape our neighbor’s keen detection.

Instant company always comes knocking at our door
when we get back home again to where we were before

So if you’re not prone to sharing , I really must advise,
that if you’re bearing ice cream, it’s best done in disguise.


Word prompts today are lie low, restriction, instant, berry. amenable 

8 thoughts on “Good Humor Rumor

  1. Dangerspouse

    OH MY GOD I LOVED THAT STUPID TRUCK! One even ran over my dog and the only reason I stopped the driver was to get a toasted coconut bar and a red white and blue frozen pop for my sister (which I never gave her, hehehehe). I also loved the strawberry shortcake in the box pic, but I’d never admit it to my buddies as I was already suspect in their eyes because I played the flute. But MY GOD I LOVED THAT TRUCK! It’s why I’m always in good humor still 🙂



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