Soliloquy of a Nut

Soliloquy of a Nut

I’m ready to be sassy. I’m tired of being dull.
This toothsome nut within the shell is set to leave her hull.
My shape is callipygian. I’m hippest of them all,
and when I’ve reached maturity, you’re sure to see me fall.

When the air turns algid and its cold air cuts,
you might want to console yourself with some roasted nuts.
When you need to feed your hunger, come crack me from my shell,
for to satisfy your appetite’s exactly why I fell.

Prompts today are ready, sassy, callipygian, algid and feed.

19 thoughts on “Soliloquy of a Nut

  1. drkottaway

    Thank you for NOT highlighting the word cues in your poem, but at the bottom instead! The blogs that high light the words in the sentence need to know that I ‘hear’ it in my head as shouting that word.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I feel the same. Want the words to trigger the poem and then disappear. That’s hard to do more frequently lately with the weird words, but I guess my aging mind needs the challenge. Thanks for commenting, Doctor.



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