Mismatched Hearts

Mismatched Hearts

She overdosed on tinder, declaring it a bomb.
She’s through with OKCupid and over Match.com.
In fourteen introductions, not one has turned out kissable.
If she had to rate them, she’d rate every date as missable.
Not one man she’s been linked to has been skookum, smooth or smart.
Not a single one of them has satisfied her heart.
Fatuous or condescending, under or over-dressed—
each one she has been matched to has left her unimpressed.
No plangent love bells have rung out.  No lover has been gettable.
One theme that’s been repetitive is that they’re all forgettable.


Prompt words today are skookum (strong or brave) repetitive, fatuous, plangent and smooth.


9 thoughts on “Mismatched Hearts

  1. Martha Kennedy

    Hilarious. I have a pair of hearts hanging in my bedroom. One is a large heart made of barbed wire that a friend made. The other is a beautiful red heart made of handmade paper. Both are true. ❤


    1. lifelessons Post author

      My husband made me the wooden heart with his initial on one side and mine on the other before we were married. It is in a leather handmade pouch necklace. I made the copper heart pin for him after we were married.

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