San Juan Cosala Women’s Art Invitational

Here are the eleven ladies and girls who participated in the Women’s Art Invitational in San Juan Cosala, along with the retablos they constructed. The show may be viewed for two more weeks, through February 5,  Tuesday through Saturday from 10-2 and 4-8 at Isidro Xilonsochitl’s Gallery, Porfirio Diaz #120 in San Juan Cosalá, 1/2 block west of Viva Mexico.

Click on photos to enlarge.

All of the work was original and well-executed and it was a difficult job choosing, but below are the three winning entries.

Existencia by Goretti Chavira

Azul Marina by Cristina G. Sanchez


Intratervenos by Nora Rios

14 thoughts on “San Juan Cosala Women’s Art Invitational


    I really enjoyed the display very much~! Thanks for the photos and for showing them to us~!
    All are most imaginative and often complex on both the work and the art, including the imaginative titles given to them were really great and descriptive.

    To me:
    I often feel that if the presentation becomes too busy and complex, the thought and beauty to the observer may be lost. So the most colorful, original, and prettiest in its simplicity while saying something, was the Weaver.
    “Tejedor” by Kany Garcia

    I also found “El Despertar de la Matria” by Laura Chavez in keeping with some I saw in homes and it impressed me as her telling her story or desires in an artistic way.

    But the most imaginative which impressed me, while also being complex; was more in keeping with the common theme of the retablos I often saw in South America. What a well-done piece of work~! This was “Intratervenos “ by Nora Rios. However, you know me, , , I often see things differently, even from the artist, so I may be seeing and thinking differently from what the casual observer may see; because while it tells a complex story, I would have titled it “Divina Comedia”~!


  2. Anonymous

    Congratulations Judy. How wonderful to have been able to create such an interesting venue for community women to share their artistic spirits.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      It was so much fun to get to know these ladies a bit…and then to see further into their minds via the retablos. We’re doing another project soon, hopefully after my show in March.



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