Pierced Dove

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Pierced Dove

Art historians aver
and modern artists would concur
her paintings are a visual feast
inspired by the dreadful beast
that consumed her from within.
She painted it time and again.
Her sketches were a handbook of
pain of body and of love.
The thorn, the arrow, the pierced heart—
the years together and apart—
her happiness oft on the wing
prompts the cash register’s cha-ching
more than sixty years since she
finally set her spirit free,
leaving part of her unfurled
in paint, on canvas, for the world.

This is the piece I did for an exhibition in Mexico City honoring the 100th year since Frida’s birth. Its title is “Painterminable” (Pain, Painter Interminable.) I was very honored to be one of two non-Mexicans invited to exhibit. It coincided with a retrospective of her work. Sorry that my piece is so much larger than two of hers. I wanted to exhibit all three of her works as a gallery. Click on them to enlarge them. 

Prompt words today are cha-ching, handbook, sketches, aver and feast.

11 thoughts on “Pierced Dove

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I read her biography 20 years ago when I first came to Mexico and also everything else I can find on her online each time I did a retablo of her. I think I’ve done six–one of which was displayed at the exhibition in Mexico City marking the 100th year since her birth. I was very honored as there were only two non-Mexicans asked to exhibit and it coincided with a retrospective of her work.

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    2. lifelessons Post author

      I’ve been to her house, “The Blue House” in Coyoacán. So interesting. They display the bed she was in for the last years of her life with the canvas hanging over it within arm’s reach so she could paint. My piece I did for her exhibition is entitled “Painterminable” (Pain, painter, interminable.) The story of her life. I’ve since added a photo of it to the post as I didn’t think of it before, but it demonstrates the theme. Is it cheeky of me to exhibit my work alongside hers? Perhaps…

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