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Stage 1 of Coming of Age in Mexico

Stage 1 of Coming of Age in Mexico: Yoli’s First Communion

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Although I arrived ten minutes before Yoli’s first communion service began, Yolanda ( her mother and my housekeeper/friend of 18 years) and family must have arrived very early for they were in the second row of the church. Not willing to walk that long aisle and find there was no room left in their pew, I sat near the back, a choice I was grateful for once the incense dispersal started. Luckily, I was in an area between two open doors, so ventilation was better than it would have been trapped in the front where most of the action with the censer  was taking place. Nonetheless, I interrupted the mood with a few sneezes. The elderly lady next to me was shocked to discover I wasn’t a Catholic. Other than that, the service went smoothly except for the mother in front of me, who kept laying her daughter’s candle on the top of the pew in front of her. All three times, it was mistakenly knocked off to the floor when the woman sitting in that pew sat down again after rising for some part of the ritual. After the hour-long service, I took Yoli and her family out to Viva Mexico for lunch. Since the family of Juan Pablo’s girlfriend had three boys doing their first communion as well, they were invited to come along so our table grew from ten to eighteen, counting Luz Maria, age 6 months, whose mother Alejandra I counseled at a summer camp for children at these very tables five years ago. In case you are curious,  HERE are photos from that camp. Alejandra is the graceful dancer in Levis and camp T-shirt, second from the right. Time passes too quickly.The next time I show photos of Yoli in a long white dress and veil, she’ll probably be a bride!! Hopefully ten years or more from now.

What I Love about Lake Chapala: WP Weekly Photo Challenge

I’m supposed to tell you what I like about the place where I live and to take you on a tour, so here goes. I’m surprised that this tour doesn’t contain more scenic and village shots, but time and again, the images I wanted to share were of activities, people, flowers, trees and animals. I don’t even have many shots of the scenic streets of Ajijic. Activities, the arrangement of objects,  people and animals have always captured my interest more than places.

This is the town where I’ve lived for 16 years–the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my life since high school. I live a short ways out of the town of Ajijic in a hot springs area in the mountains. One hour from Guadalajara, we are one mile high, surrounded by mountains, looking down on the biggest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala. It is a little Shangri-la. I shouldn’t be telling you about it! This is a self-guided tour. I hope you enjoy the images.

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