A Suitable Ending

A Suitable Ending

He made a wild adventure out of every act
as his imagination embellished every fact.
No detail insignificant in his lackluster life,
his tall tales irked his children and perplexed his wife.
Each plash became a tidal wave. Trips to the zoo were germinal—
fomenting tales of tigers on safaris nearly terminal.
His day would come, they warned him, but he was a stubborn bloke.
He thrived on spinning yarns  and on concocting his next joke.
They always said they’d do him in—those wild tales he spun.
And in the end, his kin were right. He choked on a bad pun.

Prompts today are tiger, insignificant, perplex, plash and terminal.

11 thoughts on “A Suitable Ending

  1. lifelessons Post author

    This is a truck full of carvings I saw by the side of the road in Ajijic. I pulled over to have a look and to photograph them. There are lots of woodcarvers in Mexico, the most popular motif being, as you can see here, religious subjects.



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