Nothing but the Truth!!! For dVerse Poets

If Nothing but the Truth Was Possible

Your child is not as charming as you think he is.
Perhaps if you just said, “No!” to him now and then?

I’m allergic to dogs. Could you get your St. Bernard off my lap, please,
and lock him out of the room where we’re sitting?

As much as I enjoyed the first hundred of your family photos,
could we perhaps move on to conversation of a less familial theme?

My husband has seen enough of your cleavage for one evening. Could you cage them?

Your poem’s triteness is only equaled by its misspellings.

I can see why you would want to be a swinger. Someone as gross as you are
should not expect his wife to shoulder all the responsibility.

Walmart art does not really count as a collection.

Whether your rocks are cubic zirconium or diamonds, they are still ugly!!!

When people back away from you, there’s a good chance
they don’t want you to advance on them again.

A good way to check for bad breath is to lick your wrist.

Have you ever wondered why only beautiful women want you to ask them to dance?

If you expect things in Mexico to be just like they were in the U.S., please remember
that there is a country just north of the border that is the U.S.!! Why don’t you go there?

No I am not ill. I’ve just spent two years starving myself and spent a fortune
on appetite suppressants. Couldn’t you just tell me I look fabulous?

Be honest now. Would you ever have thought to eat raw fish if it weren’t all the rage?

Your life depends on telling the truth. Do you you really, truly enjoy opera?

Just what is it you find enchanting about Paris? Oh, right. It must be the friendly people!


The adage I chose as inspiration for my poem was, “The truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

Image by Brett Jordan on Unsplash. To see more poems based on adages, go HERE.
is a link to the prompt itself.

28 thoughts on “Nothing but the Truth!!! For dVerse Poets

  1. Sam

    After that list, I doubt that you will have any friends left, you pretty well covered the gambit! One more all your negatives, out~! out~! out~! Ha~!


  2. lillian

    HILARIOUS! LOVED this take on the prompt! So glad it was the first one for me to read this morning…starting my day out with chuckling aloud, several times, is perfect! Thanks!



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