She’s Talking About Her Dog Again!!!!

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1 P.M. and She’s Talking About Her Dog Again!!!!

My pesky new apprentice assists me in my writing
with tugging and with growling and with nuzzling and with biting.
She sees my busy fingers as toys for her to play with
that no matter what I need them for, she’s sure to have her way with.

She demands my attention with her robust barks,
then sits upon my keyboard, leaving puppy marks.
She’s not a mere disturbance, but a 24-hour duty.
I’d do something to change this, but she’s such a little cutie.

In the area we’ve made for her, she has no urge to pee.
She prefers the dining room for her morning wee.
There’s no way to out-wait her and monitor her poops.

Why  do it where Mom wants you to when you can  prompt an “Oops?”

She’s such a cagey customer, there is no way to catch her.
When she is determined, no force on earth can match her.
When I slip out of my shoes, she slips her teeth into them.
Instead of learning to eschew, she chooses just to chew them.

I’ve tried to write my daily poem since roughly 6 a.m.
Which was the hour she chose to use me as a jungle gym.
With push-ups on my face, then tug-of-war using my hair,
she was my canine alarm clock extraordinaire.

First there was the feeding, then the pee and pooping,
the washing, disinfecting, the blotting and the scooping.
Then hours in the backyard with the other dogs.
With so much activity, who has time for blogs?

Then the screening of the porch so I can keep her close.
Otherwise, I know that her intention’s  “Vamonose!!
Whether perky little houseguest, scavenger or daughter,
In spite of changes in my life, I’m so glad  that I got her!


Prompt words today are apprentice, robust, oops, cagey and disturbance.

24 thoughts on “She’s Talking About Her Dog Again!!!!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Dolly. I had answered your question but evidently didn’t hit “send,” which is not that unusual with me. She chews on both of my favorite pairs.. the leather ones pictures and my rubber Birkenstocks…but her teeth are so little she doesn’t even make a mark on them. I guess I should nip it in the bud, though, as they soon will.
      She has toys, but who wants to chew on something that doesn’t taste like Mommy’s smelly feet?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Sam

    I am so glad you got her too~! There is something about their love, intelligence, and their cunning way of worming their way into our hearts that does something special to our lives. Something that only a person who has been so enamored by their love. Sneaky little things, we don’t give them credit for their smart devious ways. Mine is right now, sitting, watching me, knowing that usually, we would be taking a walk to the gate about now, but it is just too cold (for me), The gate is her favorite poop spot~! Earlier I was not paying enough attention to her and saw her wandering all over the room looking for a ball.. When she could not find one, she went through the motions of dropping a “pseudo one” at my feet, grabbed the “hot air” of it, and ran like she had a real ball~! Now not even a grown human would have thought of using that subterfuge. Keep your reports coming we aficionados are enjoying her almost as much as you are.

    Caution, photos coming from my side though, and you know my dog is prettier, smarter, and more loving than Zoe can ever be~!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha.. that has been the story of my life, exactly. Every dog I’ve ever had has just crossed my path and stayed. This is the first time I ever actually bought one and it started out as a sort of joke. She’s sleeping next to me now and has gained 1/2 pound in a week. Now weighs a grand total of 2 1/2 pounds.

      Liked by 1 person


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