Cold Assurance

Cold Assurance

I’m tired of writing alone in my safe room. I crave the cold mountain and my gasps in the thinner air. The threat of clouds. A bleeding sunset that seeps behind an obscuring peak.The small terrors of things heard but unseen in the dark. The press of stones in my back as I roll over in my sleeping bag. Evidence through sensation that I’m still alive.

The comfort of light,
but no form without shadow.
Nature’s cruel truth.

A Cold Mountain Haibun for dVerse Poets
Go HERE to read the prompt.

12 thoughts on “Cold Assurance

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh Wow. I’d never heard that song before. It is mine magnified a thousandfold.
      Mine is more about enjoying the pleasure all the more because of the pain. His seems to be about the pain of regret. I hope it was hyperbole.

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