A Tyke Named Stormy

A Tyke Named Stormy

He’s not your standard toddler. He’s a variant of the norm.
On rainy days he’d rather be out in the raging storm,
splashing through the mud puddles on his trusty trike
or trudging through small rivulets on a block-long hike.

When standard kids all huddle inside beside the fire,
he loves to face the bracing wind and plod through muddy mire.
I’d say he’s climate versatile. He’s game for any weather.
He likes to be out in the wild, free from any tether.

Most kids aren’t predictable, but this one surely is.
At dealing with bad weather, he surely is a whizz.
If any person can predict, I think for sure I can.
Some years hence, I think he’d make a perfect weatherman!

Prompt words today are versatile, standard, hike, hence and variant.

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