Splitting Hairs with My Shrink

Splitting Hairs with My Shrink

Mustard on my hot dogs, ketchup on my fries,
a paper napkin handy to ward off all the flies
trying to disport themselves by crouching on my food,
sharing all the germs they’re rumored to exude.

If I had some shrink wrap, before they alight,
I’d cover up my dinner between every bite.
Would this be outrageous? Would it be overkill?
Should I uncover it for them when I’ve had my fill?

I’m feeling quite outrageous here chatting with my shrink
sharing what I eat and do and say and think.
Will I be a protagonist or will she despise
a person who refuses to share leftovers with flies?


Prompts today are mustard, outrageous, protagonist, disport and shrink.

14 thoughts on “Splitting Hairs with My Shrink

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    That was a nifty little surprise since I expected a human shrink — and no flies. I share with many creatures — but not insects. I just can’t love them. Maybe it’s all that carapace. Or too many legs.



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