Face Off!

Face Off!

It’s always there in front of me, greeting people first.
With having to live up to it, I always have been cursed.
When I want to look pious, it breaks out in a grin
revealing that within me there is a bit of sin.

It blushes when that boy walks in that I don’t want to know it.
I’m trying to be mysterious, and then I go and blow it!
It heats up and blushes when I’m trying to be cool.
How can something a part of me break every single rule?

When I doll up in my finest, then spend an hour on it,
adding shadow, blush and lashes, it decides to grow a zit!
I’m tired of facing up to its erratic bad behavior.
It seems to be my enemy when I most need a savior.

I’d like to go before it to decide what people see
before my face inserts itself, claiming to be me.
Then Covid comes along and gives me everything I ask.
Ironic that it takes a plague to furnish me a mask.


Prompt words today are faces, heat, pious, erratic, doll.

9 thoughts on “Face Off!


    So well said and done – and it put this thought into my head:

    Spoken with the wit and memory of a teenager
    when looks, not wisdom, still was something major.
    When boys and joys and fun were still important though
    just standing in front of a mirror; before on a date you go.

    Seeing only negative things seem to come to you
    turning a happy time and face into something blue.
    Too bad we can’t look inside to see that wisdom there,
    beyond the beauty of your face and that just coiffured hair.

    Age, intelligence and edification matured that beautiful face
    into one showing wisdom, kindness, and the love of grace
    experience that put bad thoughts of the world behind us
    now walk pass those mirrors, smiling without a fuss.



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