I rue the day I sent my oldest kid to college,
for ever since he’s been deluging us with knowledge.
From “dermatones” to other concepts we can’t grasp,
his pedestrian lectures make us want to gasp.
He uses words archaic since majoring in Chaucer,
ostentatiously positioning his “cuppe” in his saucer.
He bores us all to death when his golf club raises turf.
He doesn’t raise a divot. Instead he cuts a kerf!
Constantly, he leaves us in a state of consternation
simply by engulfing us in too much information.



Prompt words today are dermatone, tear, archaic, kerf and pedestrian. Illustration thanks to Muhammad Rizwan on Unsplash.

10 thoughts on “Overeducated

  1. janekeeffe

    Sweet Post Judy! Hey, I am wondering if you still are not receiving my emails. You’re always so prompt about returning and I haven’t heard rom you. I am wondering if you need me to bring anything when I come on May 24.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’ll check, Jane. My email has been kicking people I’ve had on my contacts list for years into junk mail. No, I don’t need anything..Just you.


      1. janekeeffe

        So, I should probably have your cellphone number. The one I have is (331)860-5304. When I tried to text you it came back that the number was a landline. In case you don’t have my cell, it is 831/246-0492.




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