She looks so innocent, there in her little bed that she still prefers to the new bigger one I bought for her, her toys around her. Dreaming, no doubt, about her next naughty exploit or perhaps just remembering her last one.

Traviesa means “naughty” in Spanish, and it is Zoe’s middle name. Often her first one, because even after three months, “Zoe” never comes automatically to my mind, but “Traviesa” all too frequently does.

Tonight I looked down to see a much-chewed clutter of paper on the rug in my bedroom, along with Zoe’s favorite little ball that has lights inside that change colors when it is chewed or dropped on the floor. She was nowhere in sight, but the evidence was clear as to who was responsible.

At first I couldn’t figure out what the torn up paper object was, but when I picked up the pieces and turned them over, I I realized. “Oh no!”

It was my favorite photo of Forgottenman! It must have fallen from the shelf where I have a little collection of his photos.
When I Skyped  him to share Zoe’s most recent mischief, he was trying to figure out if it was his graduation photo, so I pieced it together as best I could:

No, not his graduation photo with Beatles haircut, just a crew cut with a little lift in the front and a mischievous smile.  

She shifts in her sleep, giving little running movements, dreaming the dreams of an innocent, but Moms know the truth about their kids, and fortunately, love them to bits in spite of it.

11 thoughts on “Traviesa

  1. Jane Dougherty

    The mischievous ones know exactly how far they can go, don’t they? I bet she didn’t even get a scolding, not that there’s any point after the event. I hope you get a replacement photo!



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