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Under the Volcano

Tomorrow I will be driving toward the volcano for a one-week writing retreat with six other women in Colima. I hope to make progress on at least one book. During that time, Forgottenman has agreed to take over my blog, so I hope you enjoy seeing what he has up his sleeve. Although I won’t be home yet, I’ll be back blogging on March 1. Give Forgottenman your full attention, because there will be a test later!!  xooxox Judy

A Hamburger for Breakfast (by Forgottenman) Reblog

I couldn’t find a reblog button on Forgottenman’s post, but he gave me permission to quote a bit and give a link. This is a fun essay. Check it out!

A Hamburger for Breakfast

–by Forgottenman               

Dad and I were apparently very close when I was a baby, based on the photos my mom took. But the disengagement came later, when I was about three, when Mom took control. Control.

I grew up right here where I type this, in this very house. Playing outside here as a kid there were always summer crickets to be found, to be chased and caught, and to be kindly released. Occasionally, one would make his way inside the house, but his song made it easy for us to track him down, to catch him, and to release him outside. It’s different today.

In the summer of 1960 I was eight years old. I was a smart kid but (therefore?) floundering in what to make of life, of family. One day Dad mentioned he and his buddy Carmack were going fishing Saturday at Duck Creek (not really a creek, but rather a man-made cypress swamp created by the Missouri Conservation Department). Somehow, he gauged me and decided to ask if I’d like to join them on the excursion. I nervously accepted. I had never been fishing before.

I had already disappointed him, and he had disappointed me. When I was four I was thrilled when he promised he’d take me the next day to pick up our new 1955 Chevy Bel Air at the car dealer, but he “let” me sleep in instead. (I still can’t forgive him, though he is ten years gone. I was devastated.) A few years later he would take me to little league baseball sign-up night, but I couldn’t get up the nerve to go inside. A few years after that he stormed out at me when I relayed a message from Mom that made him mad – and she made him apologize to me when he returned. I knew early I wasn’t the son he had hoped for. I know now that I never would be, exactly, although we would eventually, um – accommodate. But Dad invited me to go fishing with him that day in 1960, and that moment was perfect.

….read the rest of the story HERE.

The Dangers of Early Halloween Shopping

The Dangers of Early Halloween Shopping

Well, just a few more weeks before those little Halloweeners will be flooding through the gates of the Raquet Club. There are more every year and a few years ago we started all contributing candy and making up bags for each trick or treater and handing them out at the gate to the club. So, I made my trip to Walmart and bought 7 big bags of miniature Snicker bars and suckers, as well as a bag of chocolate chips so I could make cookies for my neighbors who are always bringing me shares of their suppers. I then made the mistake of bringing the Halloween candy into my house.

Instead of baking cookies, I  took a little nap, but awakened to that candy calling my name. I resisted for about 15 minutes before I tore a corner off one of the Snickers bags and had a single miniature Snickers bar––about one inch square.  I sealed up the bag. Tried to take my mind off it. Then felt suddenly thirsty and on my way to the water jug, had to pass very close to the chair the shopping bag holding all the candy was on. The bag that had been opened seemed to be saying something to me, so I leaned closer. “Eat me!”  Shades of Alice in Wonderland. I opened the bag and had just one more tiny piece of chocolate, caramel and peanuts before I called my next door neighbor and asked if I could bring the rest of the candy over to his house until it was time to take it down to the clubhouse to pack up the bags.

After he stopped laughing, he admitted it wouldn’t be much safer at his house. “You would eat my candy?” I queried. Shocked.

Well, no, he admitted. Probably not.  Were there Andes mint bars involved, he asked? No way. I don’t believe in mixing mint with anything but chewing gum. So he agreed and we met in the street outside our houses for the hand-over.

So, end of story until this Skype exchange between ForgottenMan and me.  By the way, the chocolate chips were still unopened in the cupboard. Cookies still unbaked at the time of this interchange a few minutes ago. The comments to the right are mine.


Forgottenman says I “might wanna” explain that an r&c is a rum and coke and g&t is a gin and tonic. I think he’s underestimating my audience!!  And thus go our evenings!! Somewhere I’m sure people are discussing great thoughts. Not so this evening with us.


If you use Skype, chances are you’ve been as irritated as I was when it automatically updated me to a feature that suggests responses and emojis to use to answer written messages others have left for you. Since this is how I usually use it instead of visiting orally with visuals, it can be especially off-putting.  I finally figured out how to turn the feature off, but forgottenman hasn’t and a few minutes ago, I received this message from him.  I had just left him this message:

Judy: Gotta close my eyes now.. the sun is shinin so brightly through the drapes that it blinded me. Can’t see to type…

This is the message I received back from him:

forgottenman: Weird – one of Skype’s suggested responses to your last msg is “What song is that?”.

Judy: I guess I must must have a naturally lyrical mode of speech.  Ha!!!

Family Night with Windup Toys, Dux and Cats

Click on first photo to view all in larger sizes.

My niece Cintra and great niece Stephanie, forgottenman (Dux), assorted cats and a box of windup toys made for a relaxed and hilarious evening in Eagan, Minnesota.  Tomorrow, back to Missouri.

There’ll be a Change in the Weather

Well, the temperature today was a tad nippy, but so hot inside the stores where we shopped that I didn’t wear a coat. Inside of one minute’s time tonight, however, both my brother-in-law here in Sheridan, Wyoming  (via the weather channel on his phone) and forgottenman in Missouri (via Skype) informed me there’ll be a change in the weather here tomorrow.  Here is forgottenman’s message!

“High of 54 tomorrow morn in Sheridan, Wyoming, where you now are. Then the north wind kicks in. By mid-afternoon sparrows will be dropping outta the sky, froze solid. Small children in schoolyards are next. Skinny bellicose drunk cowboys trying to roll a cig on the range – well, they’ll drop near sunset.”

Wouldn’t he have made an entertaining weather man?


In Absentia


In Absentia

Although you may be absent, thoughts of you still linger.
I think you have my memory wound around your finger,
for though I find the lack of you totally endurable,
my memory suffers from a need that’s totally incurable.
Friends may think the distance between us is a pity,
and yet with one so erudite, so pithy, loyal and witty,
it seems you linger on even after you are bound
off to other regions— your presence a mere sound
heard over the telephone, imagined o’er the keys,
so I may have your company ‘most any time I please.
Relationships are more, my dear, than a simple presence.
Sometimes merely words suffice to conjure up your essence.


If you are still curious about this untypical relationship, read more about it HERE
and then HERE.

I have followed an additional prompt today, as you might notice below. The prompt words today are absent, linger, bound, pithy, durable. (I mistakenly recorded “pithy” as “pity” in my word chain, so you get both as a bonus.






“Share Your World” Challenge

This is a hilarious parody of the ‘Share Your World” prompts that I’m sure we all love. They are great ways to get to know each other and to reflect on happenings in our own lives. Things get sinister, however–a great reminder to us all that we need to be circumspect regarding what we share online. It starts out great and I’d love to hear people actually answer #s 1,2,3,5,6 and 8 and then to heed the warning the rest of the questions project.

serial monography: forgottenman's ruminations

I’ve seen many “Share Your World” challenges over the last couple years, so I figured maybe I could do one, in my own unique style of course. So, here goes.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? (Yeah, I’m easing into it.)

What is your most wonderful memory as a child before age 7?

If you could relive any moment of your life, what would it be?

What are the last 4 digits of your SSN?

We all remember our first kiss. Without describing the kiss, what led up to it?

What is your earliest memory?

What is your mother’s maiden name?

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money you don’t keep for yourself?

What are the first 5 digits of your SSN?

What was the name of your first pet?

What was the name of the first street you lived on?

What was…

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Beloved: WordPress Weekly Photo Prompt


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The WP Weekly photo prompt is beloved.