Spousal Failure

Spousal Failure

My sister met a minister over Love.Com
who’d found God in the trenches while in Vietnam.
And though he had a talent at saving a lost soul,
in fact he was so holy that she slipped out through a hole.

It seems she had an allergy to men who sought to change her.
She thought she’d find another with no need to rearrange her.
And since the fees for Love.Com were close to a King’s ransom,
she set out on her own to find a man over the transom.

She sought him on the subway, at work and in the park.
She sought him in the glare of day and sought him in the dark.
When any man came nigh, she looked him over head-to-toe,
consumed with locating a man wherever she might go.

But an illuminated person, I fear that she is not.
So working on her own, she never found the love she sought.
And since the great love of her life went sadly undetected,
She should have settled on that minister that she rejected.

Rejected ending:

And so, I hate to say, she spent her whole life as a spinster.
All in all, perhaps she should have settled on the minster!

Word prompts are ransom, nigh, consume, minister, illuminated.and allergy
Image by Mosoianu Bogdan on Unsplash.

12 thoughts on “Spousal Failure

  1. Mark Levy

    I just had to send this on to my sister… who married the son of a “minster”
    … a trial in and of itself. He was a self acclaimed ambulance chaser, but no dog.

    Liked by 1 person


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