Grandpa’s Solo Visits

Grandpa’s Solo Visits

It’s mysterious how the volume of our cereal goes down
whenever Grandpa chooses to visit in our town.
Without Grandma’s influence, his willpower is zilch
and so he takes this opportunity to filch
our Coco Puffs and Captain Crunch and other cereal,
for he likes a little crackling in his morning meal
along with all the sugar, ‘cuz he swears it puts some zip
in his faltering “get-along” and soothes his aching hip.
None of us tell Grandma, because once he has his fill,
when we all go out for ice cream, Grandpa picks up the bill!!!!

Prompts today are: volume, cereal, mysterious, filch, influence and crackling. Before you ask, this is pure fiction. Sadly, I never had a grandpa. They both died before I was born. If I’d had one, though, I wish he’d been like this grandpa.

13 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Solo Visits

  1. Glenda Roman

    Ooo, that evil leer relieved by gleeful romp–just in time! Whew. But now I fear that mad, bad grandpa is stuck in my head for all my life. Yeek.
    Perfectly chosen contrast, Judy. Now I think I’ll just go lie down for awhile.
    EXIT (visibly shaken, stirred, palpitating) STAGE LEFT.


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