Heaven and Hell’s Kitchen

Heaven and Hell’s Kitchen

Unearthly nutrition is on its last legs.
How often have you been served deviled eggs?
Ambrosia they say was the food of the gods,
but to be served it now? Just what are the odds?
And only when faith causes us to unleaven
are we ever gifted with mana from heaven.
Heavenly hash and devil’s food cake
are dishes that only a cougar would make
to lure her young lover into her lair.
Wherein she’d seduce him with her angel hair
pasta to help him to bolster his energy—
her clever plot to improve their synergy!
But, if you’d like to start a new trend, 
by reprising old recipes, then read on, friend.
A *karma cocktail or a **devil’s brew?
Now and then it won’t hurt you to have one or two.

*A karma cocktail is made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, and Lemon Lime Soda!

To make a**devil’s brew : In a shaking glass, add vodka, triple sec, melon liqueur, peach schnapps and lime juice. Shake well. 3. Gently add ice to serving glass and strain mix over before layering ever clear on top and lighting.
Prompt words today are unearthly, nutrition, cougar, rally and clever.

9 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell’s Kitchen

  1. rugby843

    I don’t think either sound appealing but I’m an old(since I haven’t had one in years) him and tonic w lots of lime person😀

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  2. Marleen

    I might try a karma cocktail. I enjoyed your poem very much. The last time I made ambrosia, Thanksgiving almost three years ago, someone commented that they couldn’t believe people actually made recipes like that; I know it’s available in stacked tubs now (and I got the sense this person would pass that right up as I do too). One of his and my cousin’s daughters was kind enough to say something critical toward being critical and proceeded to enjoy the dish. [Oh, in this moment of editing my writing, I’ve remembered that she’s the one who loves to cook in that family too.] My mom had an ambrosia recipe she frequently put together for extended-family gatherings when I was a child. When I tasted my husband’s mother’s similar but also very different recipe, I switched to that one (my mom’s was easier but included a couple ingredients I wasn’t excited about). The secret recipe must be heavenly, as my ex mother-in-law made sure to tell me she loved me the last time we saw each other; I said, “I love you too.” My kids always loved it, and they’ve even made it a few times. But it does actually seem to be passé at this point. The good news is that my oldest son is awesome at making pumpkin pie. So I don’t do that anymore either.

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