Moonlight Reflection: Wordle 562


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Moonlight Reflection

The radiant moon invites me to meander to the pool.
To miss its cloud-scrimmed drama would reveal me as a fool.
Its flickering light reflected in the pool’s steaming glass,
I part its even surface asunder as I pass.

Clothed in liquid light, I walk a smooth straight line,
reflectively immersed in this world that is all mine.
I have no other idol except this ghost of moon.
I feel that I could taste it if I only had a spoon.

Its taste would be ambrosial upon my earthly tongue—
the first to taste a lunar menu formerly unsung.
I bundle up my prayers and toss them overhead,
leaving all my worries unthought of and unsaid.

The stone steps lead me up again from its steaming mass
and I shed off moonlight around me as I pass.
I take its memory with me as I return to bed,
the splendor of the moonlight forever in my head. 

Today’s prompt words are: reflective radiant immersed meander idol  line taste drama ghost  flickering stone. The photos I took two weeks ago before leaving my house to travel to the states for my school reunion. A glorious scene. One of the shots is the moon and trees reflected in the surface of my  pool that is fed by  hot mineral springs that pass through the  magma layer fed by the Colima Volcano, 80 miles away. I swim in it almost nightly.


For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 562


18 thoughts on “Moonlight Reflection: Wordle 562

  1. Sam

    Beautiful poetic picture of your night, and in turn a beautiful moonlit buttermilk sky which in it self is a poetic image. Thanks, sometime my favorite pastime is reading some of my own past post and I had just read a very sad one of my lost love. But your poem brought back a smile to my face. Thanks~! The post I was reading had no “like” from you. That’s OK, except I wondered if you had read it, because you lived a similar lost in a similar way.

    Liked by 2 people


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