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At times you were the problem and at other times the buttress.
At times my lost direction and at other times my compass.
You were my kindred spirit, my teacher and my lover,
and when you went away, I felt that I could not recover.

I saw your face in everything—in rivers and in clouds.
A dozen times, your profile. Your retreating back in crowds.
Love dies but does not vanish. It has a thousand faces
seen at the least likely times in unexpected places.

Facts we can’t face up to in our mutual lives
swarm around in memory in buzzing swarming hives.
Facts as sweet as honey. Facts that sting like bees.
Niggling facts that seize the mind to torture or to tease.

It is a constant truth with love that one will first depart—
an act that seems so far away when love is at its start.
But the truth is always looming. Death will end what we’ve begun.
That inevitable setting of the brightest glowing sun.

Prompts today are things with faces, buttress, kindred or recover.

Water: for DVerse Poets


Rivulets running down the windowpane
Another two join together, racing for the windowsill.
Is there any chance they’ll call off school?
Nah.  Not for rain. Never.

Creatures chasing each other across the sky.
Looking like one thing and then the other.
Old men,
Drifting and changing almost before you can see what they were before.

Shivering near the window. 
Now rivulets frozen into patterns on the glass.
Obscured by snowflakes frozen in lacy patterns.
Wonderland viewed safe inside. No school today.

For dVerse Poets “Water” prompt.

Rain, Fog, Cloud, Snow and Sol: Cee’s Black and White Weather Challenge

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For Cee’s B&W Challenge: Weather.

Mr. Blue and Friends: Tuesday Photo Challenge-Blue

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For: https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2017/08/29/tuesday-photo-challenge-blue-2/

Dispelling Dilemma


Dispelling Dilemma

No matter how sad or distressing or gory,
for a writer, dilemmas become a new story.
You should forgive us, for the truth of it is
that the pathos of life provides part of the fizz.
We simply don’t know why there’s all of this fuss,
until the dilemmas happen to us.


The prompt word today was “Dilemma.”


Here and Now

Here and Now

IMG_0471 (2).jpg

We saw balloons going up almost every day we were here.  On Xmas Eve, the sun and clouds cooperated to give fantastic views.  Today it was perhaps too windy or we didn’t look up at the right time, so we didn’t see any balloons.  In any case, each time I was glad I was below snapping the picture and not above, being snapped!!