Weekend Regression: Prompts, July 25, 2022

Weekend Regression

On Friday night I imbibe ’till I’m jolly,
but such jubilation I’ve found is sheer folly.
Infatuated with letting off steam,
I raise up a glass with the rest of the team.

After Saturday night I have energy left,
but by Sunday night I’m worn out and bereft.
Weekends are fun-filled and rowdy and timeless,
but by their end we are blown-out and dimeless.

I realize this statement is rather reductive,
but weekends, I’ve found, are counterproductive.
Monday mornings I’m frowzy, Tuesday, not much better,
not ’till Wednesday or Thursday in finer fetter.

Ready to gear up for more Friday fun,
and a whole weekend in which to run
reckless and feckless and feeling the perks
of two whole days in which nobody works!!!!


Prompts today are.: left, infatuated, sheer, counterproductive, timeless, frowzy,

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