Election Year Blues

Election Year Blues

This is nuts!
No ands or buts.

Change is brewing,
voters stewing.

Economic crunch,
most of the bunch
Half-Baked choices,
crazy voices.

Urban jumble
about to crumble.

The Yellow Brick Road
Soon to erode.

A Dastardly Mash
of rich guys’ cash
Make Rocky Roads
of mother lodes.

Cool Britannia
wins the day

as the rest of Earth
Just melts away!

For dVerse Poets Ben & Jerry prompt.  The italicized words above are all Ben & Jerry flavors and yes, I admit I sneaked in one non-B&J  flavor as well!!! Plus, changed the rhyme scheme in the last stanza. I should run for public office, changing the rules like that!!!

Here are the flavor choices:
Change is Brewing  – current
Half-Baked  – created in 2000 -still going strong
Urban Bourbon  – 2017 -still going strong
Coffee Coffee Buzzbuzzbuzz  – current
Wavy Gravy  – 1993 – 2001
Urban Jumble  – 2000 -2001
Dastardly Mash  – 1979 – 1991
Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie  – 1992 – 1993
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  – limited edition available July 18 to 25, 2008
Late Night Snack  – 2010 – 2014
Imagine Whirled Peace  – 2007 – 2013
Sugar Plum  – 1989 – 1990
Cool Britannia  – 1995 – 1998
Economic Crunch  – only in 1987 during the stock market crash
This is Nuts  2001  – 2002

To see other posts that feature Ben & Jerry flavors, go HERE.

26 thoughts on “Election Year Blues

  1. lillian

    Hah! I caught that Rocky Roads in there 🙂 Well done! You’ve taken the flavors and made them all relevant to today’s world, even though most of them are “buried” in the Ben and Jerry’s graveyard!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. serendippitysays

    I was just looking up Ben & Jerry’s flavors this morning and reminiscing (okay, fantasizing) about New York Super Fudge Chunk, a favorite from my college years that’s now retired, I think. Excellent use of the flavors in your poem.



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