A “Golden Years” Rebuttal

A “Golden Years” Rebuttal

Those who call these “Golden Years “deserve my blunt oration,
for getting older, you should know, ain’t no free vacation!
The abundant pains of aging for sure are not a bonus,
for to suffer silently seems to be our onus.

Our skin’s variegations you may think are bad tattoos,
but what you see as sub-par art, alas, is just a bruise
from taking our blood thinners. Every blot and every dot
is a new reminder of a bumping that we got.

When you bring us nuts and caramel, we thank you for your ventures,
but we do not mention we can’t eat them with our dentures!
“Old age ain’t for sissies,” is an adage often told,
so I am not the first to bemoan this getting old.


(Just kidding, Dolly.) Prompt words today are caramel, abundant, oration, variegation, and golden. Retablo and photo by jdb.

6 thoughts on “A “Golden Years” Rebuttal

  1. Sam

    Oh you could have called this one the Perils of Sam, except to say anything about all the band aids in between. But I must thank you for stopping before you went any farther There are even worse things that we don’t talk about. When it becomes your dog taking YOU for a walk, you know that you may be slowing down.



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