The Embarkation of Miss Emily

The Embarkation of Miss Emily

He strolled into her module acting all hale and hearty,
issuing an invitation to his birthday party.
He was throwing a big shindig like those raves of yore—

the kind where she was sure she’d be perceived as quite a bore.

They’d sail out to an island on a rented yacht.
A bikini would be clothes enough. The weather would be hot!
She’d have to take a day off work. There’d be no compensation,
but this was not the reason for her main hesitation.

She did not feel affronted. She felt no perturbation.
Rather, she debated her own qualification.
She was no party animal, nor had she ever been.

Her parents both regarded such revelry as sin.

She had no experience with pot, cocaine or gin
and even less experience when it came to men!
So her positive response, though wary, was wholehearted.

if she was going to be wild, ’twas high time she got started!


Prompt words are hale, affront, qualification, module, yore and compensation.

5 thoughts on “The Embarkation of Miss Emily

  1. msjadeli

    Trapped on an island in a mind-altered state, no thanks! Too much could go wrong. (This spoken by an old broad who probably would have jumped at the chance as a youngster.)



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