2022 Fashion


2022 Fashion

There is a dearth of luxury in fashions of today.
All the garments made of fur have been tucked away.
Zibelline and beaver, chinchilla, mink and fox
hide in the back of closets or in the remnants box.

The most ardent fashionista wears clothes shapeless as kelp.
Shoulder pads and belts and pads do not seem to help.
They walk runways like branches stripped down to their bark:
minimal and twiggy, sparse and wan and stark.

Lace and ruffles banished, hot Goth is all the rage.
Tractor Trek-Sole boots and chunky loafers stalk the stage.
Sweater vests and crop-tops, shabby chic and Y2K
have replaced silks and satins, mohair and chambray.

Power Bohemian florals compete with color clashing
For what the trend-setters of the day find most chic and dashing.
The only good that I can see in these current fashion rages
is that fewer animals are being kept in cages!

Prompt words for today are kelp, ardent, branch, dearth, zibelline, shapeless.


7 thoughts on “2022 Fashion

    1. Sam

      Often I can’t understand why WordPress considers me “Anonymous” I am a big strapping bull of a man, loud, average intelligence, pay them more money than they are worth, and very well known by all my other names~! OLD but sometimes pissed off~! It was about this time last year that I was having similar problems with them.


  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    At least the teen tramp look has disappeared. For a while, 12 year olds looked like aging hookers and they went to school dressed like that. It wasn’t merely trampy. It was also very unattractive for anyone who didn’t have a perfect figure — and most young teen girls are a bit lumpy.

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