Why I Can’t Do The Prompts Today


Why I Can’t Do The Prompts Today

I think I’ll be a morning grouch
and spend these hours on the couch
making lists of things for doing—
certain things that involve gluing,
cleaning, sorting, chopping, timing—
things that do not involve rhyming.

A sea of things I’ve been concealing,
chores that stack up to the ceiling,
divert me from acts of creation
with chores of limitless cessation.
Hobbies I’d rather pursue
put off by what I’ve gotta do.

Pay my house fees, cook the stew,
trim the bushes, find the glue
to fix the statue, sort my purse,
clean out the junk drawer, then rehearse
my poems for next Friday’s reading.
Fix my blouse. Restore its beading.

Answer emails, call the plumber.
Modern life is such a bummer.
Sometimes I think I exist
solely to check off a list.
At any rate, as I have ranted,
other parts of me recanted.

It seems I’m such a winsome elf
that this poem just wrote itself!!!!!!

Prompts today are winsome, sea, certain, list, grouch, hobby and concealing.

18 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Do The Prompts Today

  1. Sam

    And it was a great one too~! Your life sometimes hangs out like a barometer, I see most of the “ups” and “downs” in a post or a poem, almost like I was a “voyeur”, sneaking a peek~! When one that drops too low, I send that: “R.U.O.K” note, and when I think that it is high, I send you a: “BULLY for you~!” note~! Today it is only a “Good for you, back in the saddle” note~! Look who’s talking, I am sure you have seen or thought you saw, the same in me and others the same way. That’s one neat things that makes blogging interesting, even if it is often only our imagination playing tricks on us~!

    Now I will see if WordPerfect can put ME into the “Piss on You” mood by giving me that: “SOMEONE” moniker instead of my usual “nom de plume”.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      The definition I saw for “melf” was very different from the one Forgottenman saw. His was much racier and caused me to change the poem from “melf” to “elf” lest I offend. So I’m not half so trendy now…but more socially acceptable. (My definition was “a sexy middle-aged woman,” which was a bit of a stretch anyway. Ha.)

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      1. Martha Kennedy

        Me too. It’s so much a routine of my day and the dogs’ when I’ve tried to do something else, they and I are disoriented. But seriously, I don’t have much to say and I only occasionally write poems which is one way through. It’s a good addiction, though. 😀



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