A silly argument at best,

and yet it would not come to rest.
They simply could not seem to cease
their debate on “isosceles.”
They could not bring to a fruition

discussion on its definition.

He said the answer had to be
that the triangle had three
even sides, while she said two,
and they wondered what to do
to resolve their worrisome plight
and  determine who was right.

In every other prior fight,
there was a book to set them right,
yet while spring cleaning, they’d packed up
every book and dish and cup
to maintain their purity
with absolute surety.

But both of them thought it was ruthless
to remain unschooled and truthless
on this subject math-related
they so hotly had debated.
So in the end, they thought they must
unpack the boxes and chance the dust.

They placed the boxes around the border
in some semblance of neat order,
opening one, then two and three
to try to solve the mystery,
kneeling there on bended knee
to try to find some verity.

When finally they found the truth,
to be two sides, ’twas sad, foresooth,
that in the end, they found the fight
still had not been set to right,
for neither would admit to be
the one who had insisted three!

Prompt words today are wonder, prior, cleaning, semblance, isosceles, argument and purity.

9 thoughts on “Isosceles

  1. drkottaway

    My parents would bet when they disagreed. Sometimes they would bet a penny and sometimes a nickel and sometimes a million dollars. Then one would go look up the word or the name or the history, before the internet was really going.



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