Crocheted Critter-Crazed!!

I’ve shown earlier crocheted animals and dolls that I’ve purchased from a young woman in the local street market who crochets them all from her own head–no patterns–and each is unique. I think they are fabulous and so moderately priced that I can’t resist. I’ve bought ten of them so far! I bought these three today and will give one to Yoli for school and keep the other two for friends who have babies or grandchildren. Unfortunately, Zoe got to them and had two on the floor. One was missing. I searched all over the house for it and finally found the doggie behind the bed with one ear missing!! A lengthy search turned up the ear. I’ll be able to sew it on again, but still. She is such a traviesa!!!!

I thought the one with legs holding school supplies was an octopus, but she insisted it was a dinosaur. Cute idea, though. All three of these together cost the equivalent of $37.11 U.S. Amazing.

Here is a link to most of the others I bought before:

15 thoughts on “Crocheted Critter-Crazed!!

  1. Sam

    I like those, and they remind me of my mother who always had a crochet or knitting needles in her hands. Funny about those dogs though. Tami has two toy boxes. When the maid cleans up they pick up a lot of those stuffed toys. I watch Tami and she goes to her toy box that they just put them in and one at a time takes them out and scatters them all over the house again~!! Her play rules is that she wants me to throw them, but I when she brings them back, she wants me to take them away from her, I am getting too for those games gut get as usual get a lot of fun out of her.. Especially when I see the look of disgust on the maid’s face, seeing her take them all back out of her box and scattering them just after they picked them up..


    1. Sam

      Oh I see a lot of TYPO’s on this but then saw the time clip, I must stop writing at three in the morning, and then not edit my writing… Please fill in the blanks with words you choose~! It would be fun or funny~!

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