December Leftovers: Lens Artists Challenge 178 (Our Choice of Themes)

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There has been a lot going on besides Xmas this month. Here are some photos that didn’t seem to fit in anywhere else. I made a new friend in the pool that unfortunately I rescued too late. I bought wonderful crocheted gifts and witnessed a novel display at the massage booth in the local street fair,  wore my toe socks for a month straight, (Well, I alternated between 5 different pair), Deysie got a new electric bike and drove it out to help me tackle my studio. I decorated the tree with past memories, admired the beautiful tool display in a local gallery, captured a garden godess and a bedroom sprite, saw the light display for the Virgin of Guadalupe festival in San Juan Cosala and accomplished a hundred other pressing tasks with committing them to photos. 

For the Lens Artists Challenge 178: You Choose.

14 thoughts on “December Leftovers: Lens Artists Challenge 178 (Our Choice of Themes)

  1. Tina Schell

    What a fun idea Judy – in fact I just may steal it and have a challenge next year called “Odds and Ends” or something like that to allow followers to post photos that don’t follow a theme. Hope you don’t mind if I steal your concept!! Loved the massage chair image – it’s a hoot!


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