If Truth Were Told

If Truth Were Told

I’d call you oxymoron, but the pun is just too corny,
so I will simply say that you’re as dumb as you are horny.
You’d be Barney Fife’s apprentice if they rated you on brains—
your lantern of enlightenment extinguished by life’s rains.

Your logic is so flimsy that you’re little more than beast.
Left is right, in is out, up’s down and west is east.
When we try to help you, you see reason as assault.
The world is out to get you and nothing is your fault.

Everyone we know says that we should abandon you,
let you reap what you have sown and cook in your own stew,
but we cannot do it. We’re with you to the end,
because for a lifetime, we have called you friend.

Prompt words are lantern, apprentice, flimsy, east, oxymoron and assault.
The goofus in this photo has given permission to use it. None of the other descriptions apply to him, however. (Face by Forgottenman)

7 thoughts on “If Truth Were Told

      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        The one friend I let go of entirely was no doubt a really ugly run at the mouth that she probably never intended to let get so out of hand. The problem was, I couldn’t unhear it and no amount of apologies seemed to make a difference. I’ve lost friends to time and distance but only one of my own volition.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha.. definitely not Forgottenman, who is the guy in the picture. He’s such a good sport about letting me use his goofy photos for illustrations. As a matter of fact he suggested this one.. I was going to use a different one of him.

      Liked by 1 person


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