Ode to Cheetos

Ode to Cheetos

If you’ve given up on lunch
and seek a substitute with punch,

Cheetos are my favorite snacks
that can be found sealed up in sacks.
Always flavorful and munchy,
crisp and satisfyingly crunchy
between lips and teeth and gums,
enjoyable from cheeks to tums.

Though they’re often underrated,
I feel that they have been berated
by makers of crackers and chips
as well as creators of dips,
due to envy and to spite,
for citrus drinks like Squirt and Sprite
complement their spicy bite,
setting all the world to right.

So buy a bag without delay.
Do not wait another day.
You’ll be elated that you did,
and also happy that you hid
the bag so as you start to chew,
you know that it is all for you!
(Hint: Get the bag marked “Torciditos.”
They’re the premiere type of Cheetos!!!)

For more Cheetos excitement, go here: https://judydykstrabrown.com/2022/12/26/a-very-cheetos-christmas/

Prompt words today are citrus, spite, crunchy, crisp, delay, happy and berated.

Not fiction. I am addicted to these little devils and everyone I’ve introduced them to has become hooked as well. I guess I do you no favors in sharing my favorite vice. I may have to go buy some now. Fortunately, (regrettably?) a little shop I must pass on my way to or from home sells them.

23 thoughts on “Ode to Cheetos

      1. cognacproject

        Haha, yes, they are crispy! I just found a new flavor last night: Mexican Street Corn. They’re alright, but not my favorite. Maybe if they made a flaming hot version, I’d like them better 🙂


  1. rugby843

    I love them too but now only have some baked sour cream and cheese chips. Sometimes you taste something and like it then buy a bag and think what was I thinking😂

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I LOVE Cheetos. Except for the sticky yellow dye. It gets on my finger then attaches to me sweaters and the book I’m reader or worse, the keys on the computer. If ONLY they would leave out that DYE. And maybe a bit of the stickiness. But then I’d do nothing but eat Cheetos and that wouldn’t be good either.


  3. Marleen

    I’ll look for the Torciditos. You’ve inadvertently reminded me to try the giant Cheeto tostado (I guess is what it is) at Taco Bell. Cheetos are a favorite of mine, too.


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