Defences Make Good Neighbors

Defences Make Good Neighbors

My neighbor is gregarious but I never talk back,
although I feel I’ll detonate for rejoinders I lack.
They all swell up inside me because they come too late
to be used against her in a retaliatory debate.

If only I’d known what to say before it was too dated,
but alas, past tirades can’t be rejuvenated. 
Her face and clothes are scrumptious, but her view of life is black.
She sees the worst in people, and it turn they see it back.

Every time I look at her, no matter how I try,
I only see a personage that I want to pass by.
So all her earthly beauty, her jewels and her clothing
cannot compensate for a world of mutual loathing.

Prompts for today are rejuvenate, before, scrumptious, detonate, look, black and gregarious. Image by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash.

My apologies to Robert Frost for parodying his last line of “Mending Wall.” (Good fences make good neighbors.)  Actually, eight years ago I wrote a parody of his poem as well. HERE it is if you aren’t already tired of the topic.

12 thoughts on “Defences Make Good Neighbors

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Steven, I just added a link to this posting of a parody of ‘Mending Wall” that I wrote 8 years ago. It is entitled “Mending Pants.” He deserves even more apologies for that one. Thanks for recognizing the pun.

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              Steven, I just figured out how to do a side-by-side version and added it on the original. In doing so I saw I’d missed parodying one line as well so I added it. Will I ever be finished with this silly poem? Will I be called to account for it in the hereafter???

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            2. Steven S. Wallace

              Oh I don’t know… I’m a chronic rewriter… but it’s ok to call it😂. If Frost is in heaven, he may have questions for you! Just say sorryboutit!!!😂


  1. Sam

    I know several people like that, my only defense is to just stay as far away from them as possible, both in person, on the phone and online, but then they may think that it is me who is “standoffish”, though I am only holding my tongue. If I did not, sooner or later, I do tend to tell them what “I” think, in no uncertain terms. Not necessary for us to mend walls if we have breathing space between~!

    In turn THEY build that wall, not me~! NOTE HOW FEW “FRIENDS” I HAVE ON MY BLOG, Is this a short coming, or a defense~? I often go through and say to “ME”: No this one, and this one, and this one, is not worth my valuable time~!”

    Thanks for letting me say this, even if it is letting off steam, you know that you are welcome to chat over my wall any time~! And I may have a gift to give you while we talk. A give and take is really great among real friends, even if they are not always like minded, that is what makes life great and interesting~!

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