Unlimited Viewing Possibilities

Unlimited Viewing Possibilities

The very lovely playa was a playground for the rich
who lay around on blankets, wearing not a stitch.
When folks passed, salutations were snappy and most clever
with their eyes averted, for it’s certain that they never
wanted to be caught in the act when they were staring
at the certain body parts acquaintances were baring.

For no matter what their habitus, everyone was nude,
and to stare at body fat was considered rude.
But for sure some bikers were deserving of medals
as they kept eyes straight ahead, attending to their pedals,
limiting their viewpoint to a small straight-ahead niche,
avoiding the environment spread out on the beach.

Prompts for today are snappy, medal, salutations, habitus, environment, playground. Image by Shifaaz Shamoon on Unsplash.

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