Art and Acquisitions

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Art and Acquisitions

Those who patronize fine art
start out congenial at the start
but then upset the apple cart
by arriving early at the mart
and increasing rate and pace
so they can win the prestige race
by obstinately using cash
to win the collector’s ten-yard-dash.

Marble statues and fine oils
are thus simply used as foils
used within the competition
between those whose one ambition
is to amass all those things
that a pile of money brings.

But in fact, it is the making
of great art, and not the taking
that produces joy in living.
Buying can’t compete with giving.

Prompt words for today are congenial, race, marble, obstinancy,   patronizeart

10 thoughts on “Art and Acquisitions

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Unfortunately too many whose work end up selling for millions are long dead before it does. I once did a show and a man with a gallery came along and said he never bought art from artists until after they died because that was when the value increased. Needless to say I was not charmed.

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  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Actually, it turns out the best time to buy art is when an artist is very old because you just know as soon as he/she dies, you going to make money. We have quite a lot of art we bought from people who were our age or a little older when we bought it. Of course, we are all a lot older and many of them have since passed on, so probably (?) their work IS more valuable. I haven’t had the heart to sell it. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t have bought it. I suppose I should reconsider this at some point, preferably before I pass on.



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