Tonala Adventure

Tonala Adventure

When my family visited, we took a little drive
to Tonala for shopping and all that tourist jive.
And no, you’re not hallucinating. I met a new guy.

I think he is stunning and I’m apple of his eye.

I found him at my favorite store, on a small settee
that had room for two only and the other half was free.
But shortly after I sat down, his hand was on my knee!
I told his wife about it and she said “It’s fine with me.”

She was busy at the desk, adding up their sales,
balancing their ledgers and polishing her nails.
So in spite of her presence, we started our romance.
With no further touching, it was woo by speech and glance.

It’s true he was a smoker and that really got my goat.
I told him he was likely to get cancer of the throat.
 I had a quick solution that I hastened to propose,
that he take his cancer stick and stick it up his nose.

Our flirtation was soon over as I left the store with nieces,
sadly fearing that my heart had been reduced to pieces.
I never had an inkling that I would ever meet
such a stunning cowboy so handsome and so sweet.

But alas, it was inevitable that we two would part,
for I learned that in his stuffing, they had failed to add a heart.

Prompt words today are drive, hallucinate, stun, spite and inkling.

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