Scrabble Quibbles

Scrabble Quibbles

I move the tiles back and forth but still I cannot lick
the secret to which words may be made from my weird pick.
I cannot spell “memorial” without another “m,”
so instead I settle and simply spell out “rim.”
Before too long I find another perfect word to make,
but, alas, I do not have the “u” to spell out quake.
I spy the final “u” when my opponent shifts her rack,
and so I skip my turn to return some letters back.
And this segment of the story will prove I was to blame
when my sister drew the “q” and spelled out “quick” to win the game!

Prompt words today are segment,lick, memorial,back,spy and tiles.

Not the most thrilling poem ever, but at least it used up all the words. Mea Culpa.

7 thoughts on “Scrabble Quibbles

  1. TamrahJo

    My mom and her friends have 2-8 scrabble games every week! SOMEDAY! I hope to be semi-retired and able to attend and ‘play’ once again – until then? Mama takes pictures of the board, to send to me, or gives me the scoop on the Triple score/7 letter word/big play of the day highlights – so I can live vicariously through their games and victories! 😀



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