The Dandelion Forest

The Dandelion Forest

The dandelion forest is spooky deep inside,
so it’s not a perfect place for small creatures to hide,
but when a mouse comes creeping up to steal a single berry
from your breakfast cereal, he’ll put up with those scary
dandelion spirits who register the stress
of all the timid creatures who register distress
and quickly gobble up those fearful ones who enter.
He’ll weave around the edges, avoiding  the dead center,
careful not to manifest any dread or fear,
so the dandelion goblins will not come very near.
I’m qualified to tell you this tale I verify
is the gospel truth, for I wouldn’t tell a lie.
That a stand of dandelions is a cause for care,
maybe isn’t obvious when you are way up there,
but before you question this tale of fear and vice,
remember that this tiny mouse is not afraid of mice!!!!


Prompt words are spooky, qualified, register, manifest, berry and dandelion. Mouse image by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash, Dandelion by Judy. And, also for Cee’s FOTD.

I admit, this one is a stretch, but a person’s gotta try…..

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