The Proposal

The Proposal

He’s economically trustworthy, but has a humdrum mind.
He’ll never write a sonnet, for he’s more the right-brain kind.
He’ll never sculpt a fountain or create a work of art,
but he’s brilliant at accounting, numerically smart.
So he won’t paint your masterpiece, but if you ever spy it,
if he’s the one you married, you can bet that he can buy it!!

Prompt words are sonnet, fountain, humdrum, economic, trustworthy. Image by Andra Jackson on Unsplash.

5 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Sam

    Here is your fine golden ring
    the one removed from a cigar.
    Don’t expect any wealth I bring
    because that will not go very far.

    But I have a lot of love to give
    provided that it is for free.
    A cheap place for us to live
    only big enough for you and me.

    If you expect anything out of me
    don’t look for more than love.
    Because I count my pennies you see
    and the help from God above~!

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