Seasonal Bribery

Seasonal Bribery

Santa’s elves are in the workshop wrapping caramel kisses
to put in the stockings of little boys and misses
whose lofty thoughts are centered on baseball gloves and dolls—
hopes whispered into Santa’s ear in numerous city malls.

But my premonition is that though your needs are captivating, 
there’s a likely chance that Santa’s been equivocating
about giving you the puppy that you’ve been asking for
every day and every night for a year or more.

I’ve heard Santa’s considering the possibility
that you might be lacking in responsibility.
Would you fill his food bowl and pick up puppy poop?
Would you train him not to raid the chicken coop?

Everything about a puppy is not cute and nice.
He might bring you baby birds or even wiggling mice!
Tear up favorite clothes you leave upon the floor,
chew up all your Barbie dolls and Teddy bears and more.

You’d have to learn to clean your room and put your things on shelves—
all the things observed by Santa and his elves.
Do your chores the first time requested by your mother.
If you can’t do your present chores, could you handle another?

It’s not too late to change your ways. Come help to dry the dishes.
Santa might be watching and decide to meet your wishes.
You have another month or two in which you could grow up
enough so you can handle caring for a pup!!!

Prompts today are caramel, workshop, premonition, lofty, responsibility, captivating.

9 thoughts on “Seasonal Bribery

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I finally got one when I was 12. It turned out to be mainly my mother’s dog who always protested and then fell in love with animals. But, I’ve told that story before. I’ve had a dog or cat or many cats and dogs at a time most of my life since I’ve been an adult. Just any stray that showed up–we became each other’s.

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  1. Anonymous

    NO, NO, NO~! Do not blame the kid because you are too tight or misinformed to get them a loving friend~! I have seen the negative, but positive works much better~! sorry-about-that~!

    I know that you would be falling all over yourself to find a puppy like the one pictured~! (I once had that negative thing done to me though~!)

    Every young person should have the love of a puppy dog, they learn from the love, understanding, and forgiveness that they have to give..

    I remember very well going out in the woods with my dog and crying my eyes out, telling him my problems, when I felt that he would be the only one that would listen~!



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