Parting Manifesto

Parting Manifesto

All the reasons you have vetted
(reasons I should feel indebted)
are reasons that I question, so,
I can’t accept your tales of woe.

Those monstrous acts you say I’ve done?
It is a fact that I’ve done none.
And all the things you say you’ve bought?
The fact is that I bought the lot!

Your bags are packed and by the door.
Load up that sports car you adore
and take yourself right down the road.
I’m closing up the mother lode!

For, though I’ll miss our hugs and smooching,
I won’t miss your constant mooching.
It’s time you joined the teeming mob,
got off your keister and got a job!!!!

Prompt words today are question, indebted, monstrous, like.




7 thoughts on “Parting Manifesto

  1. Sam

    WOW~!, That is so well said and I know several people (especially ladies) who would pay you for the right to use it in their own proper way~! You are hitting on all cylinders (or volts) this morning lady. Now forget about the “flotsam” and lets get on with a beautiful day of the good memories~!

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  2. ladynyo

    the story of my first marriage! 13 years of mooching….with very wealthy parents, but I raised him from 21 to whatever is 13 years later. His parents funded his divorce, new car, vacations and new family. Ugh. And they said I was too stupid for him: He was too lazy for me. LOL. Loved your post!!!!

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