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Am I on a teeter-totter or an even plane?
Interestingly kooky or a bit insane?
I try to reinvent myself to fight off signs of dolor.
Does this mean I’m adventurous or that I am bipolar?

I stretch myself upon a rack, fresh insights to inspire.
Initiate new interests, hoping they’ll light a fire.
But there is no assurance that this new me will last
any longer than the other me’s that I have cast.

Prompt words are reinvent, rack, initiate, assure, plane.

I know I went a bit crazy with the photos. I had just a few and then kept filling in gaps.

19 thoughts on “Reinvention

  1. Sam

    Thanks Judy, the photos tell a rotogravure of a long life, but one still being focused, not changing but rather one being lived out with extemporaneous plans. And the poem is also great one of telling things that we all think about, but do not always talk about , that desire to finish our bucket list of life in a way that will leave promise of great memories. The unpredictable changes in directions in our life’s road keeps us making new decisions, but at the same time the past still determines what the future brings. I am there too, I so miss the past but know it is long gone, and that my future is not exactly yet determined~!

    You are a great photographer too and so many of your photos tell a story in their selves, even ones that were taken by others. Your face is a storybook, some times happy, some time proud, other times not so much. But then the reader of a story must fill in the blanks.

    I especially Love that photo of the butterfly but all the rest all impressed me in one way or another.


  2. Sam

    The dress you were wearing in 1961is the same one you wore to that party in 1960~! Hair the same too~! Would you be interested in what I wore that year~?


      1. Sam

        Oh what a great backstory to that dress, see photos do have a story to tell. Go here for my 1960-61 photo for my two new acquisitions, a beautiful wife and a red Oldsmobile F-85 coupe in the background. She had sewed that wedding dress before coming to meet me, and this is what we wore to the wedding. It is fun to know the rest of the story. I missed the Jitterbug all together, but did a mean “barn dance”, medecombe, chachacha, and chicka-cha because I was living in Colombia at that time.~!

        My photo of 1961:


  3. Tatiana

    How nice! I really enjoyed seeing your old photos 🙂 BTW: I know what you mean by reinventing yourself, I can say that am in a similar position, but newer to this …


      1. Judy Reeves

        My hope too, Judy. We’re looking at maybe later in the early spring (does that make sense?) See you on Zoom on 1/28. Leslie invited me for a Zoom session during your writing retreat.



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