Kalanchoe: FOTD Dec 15, 2022

After Zoe ate or dug up all my Kalanchoe, I vowed not to get any more but I couldn’t resist these, and they are in the front yard which is the domain of the cats. No dogs allowed, usually, unless Paciano leaves the gate open. Now, why the photo of Kukla when she was tiny? Oddly enough, when I checked my media file to make sure I hadn’t used this photo of the kalanchoe yet, I found that her photo had the exact same number! How this happens I don’t know, but since the cats leave the kalanchoe alone, I decided she could stay.


For Cee’s FOTD

17 thoughts on “Kalanchoe: FOTD Dec 15, 2022

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Sam, they are in a spot where the kitties are unlikely to go. Thanks for pointing this out, though. I did get rid of all the lilies because they were likely to brush up against them and then lick their coats.



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