A Dog’s Life (The Wish)

A Dog’s Life (The Wish)

We wish our mom would come to bed but beg to no avail.
Our attempts to draw her in have gone beyond the pale!
We break our vow of silence to bark and bark and bark.
Our pleas, extravagantly loud, echo through the dark.

But she is so disorganized that she can’t come to rest.
There’s always one more task to do before she joins our nest.
Each dirty dish must be rinsed off, each Wordle game be played.
No single task so trivial that it can be delayed.

Headed for bed, there is another detour she must make
as she remembers one leftover slice of chocolate cake.
Once in the fridge, a pitcher of sangria comes to view.
Handy to wash down cake, she has a glass of it, or two.

Through the Virginia creeper, the Xmas lights are winking
and of course she must go out to end their constant blinking.
Once there, the pool calls her, so she has a little swim.
On the way to bed, she can resist no task or whim.

She trims the bougainvillea that spills over the water,
resisting not one dumb excuse to fool around and potter.
Meanwhile, we are waiting to curl up by her side
to stretch out on her legs and sleep. This wait we can’t abide.

We’ll curl up on her sweater so hastily abandoned,
right here on the bed, where luckily it landed
when she changed into her nightgown an hour ago or two—
before she found those other things that she just had to do.

It’s like this every evening wherein there’s no debate
about the fact that we will have to wait and wait and wait
until she finally joins us with no more for her to do
except work on her computer for an hour or two!

That a dog’s life isn’t easy is not hyperbolic
when you share it with a Mom who is a workaholic!!!

Prompt words are break, beg,extravagant, trivial and disorganized.

And, for Weekend Challenge: Wish

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