Merry Merry Quite Contrary

Merry Merry Quite Contrary

By January, “Merry” is an attitude we’re through with—
that once Christmas is over, we don’t know what to do with.
I’ve never heard one person say “Merry Fourth of July,”
as they send a rocket soaring into the sky.

As I review the situations for a celebration,
“Merry” is never used again to signal our elation.
“Have a merry birthday” is a phrase we don’t adore
as we celebrate the fact we’ve piled up one year more.

By the time Christmas is over, I think we’ve used up “merry.”
Are we tired of this adjective? My thought on this is “Very!”
“Happy” seems to be enough for all else that we do—
sufficient for occasions we celebrate anew.

Prompts today are adore, situation, anew, merry, bother and review.

28 thoughts on “Merry Merry Quite Contrary


    One of my dogs I named Merry – a chocolate lab rescue that I adopted when Merry was two months old and her

    mother Grace was…we don’t know how old.

    But Merry was always merry, and she still is. Yesterday, when I came home from Christmas lunch, Merry was so merry – at

    coming up on nine years old this February, she raced around in wide circles like a crazy puppy, laughing as dogs laugh, so forever merry.

    She is so full of joy, always, and for me that is contagious. Merry Forever! We are for sure a Merry Dog Family!


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  2. Marsha

    Your poems and words always start me thinking anew, Judy, and I adore cogitating in review of what I read. Happy Holidays, LOL. If we combine Christmas with everything it loses its Merry situation. So is merry a lesser or greater status in the realm of joy and celebration? Or do most of us ever bother to think about it? How’s Puppy?

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          I adopted Zoe in February. Then my oldest and sweetest dog Diego passes away a month or two ago and the next day, Coco zipped into my life by coincidence…the way all of my animals have. So now I have Morrie, my Scottie, Coco, a Chiweenie and Coco, a rat terrier Chihuahua mix I believe. The two little ones are a handful but adorable.

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    Great one Judy, this one goes into my “Keeper File”. But what about a “Merry go Around”~? Maybe it refers to repetitious actions that are mostly automatic sub conscious and actually do not always come from the heart~! (I have seen such use, or misuse). Well that is all I have to say, so I will now be on my Merry Way~!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Someone referred to it so I read it again and actually couldn’t understand my own second sentence.. so I changed it. That happens sometimes. On second reading or third or fourth I myself don’t understand something I”ve written.

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  5. TamrahJo

    I confess, I ‘tested the waters’ on many fronts, this year, to gauge, while practicing on myself! various things – alas, all I can say is, on some front? heartfelt wishes for blessed, happy, full of strength/grace, etc., fell flat – on well wishes phrases said – I’ve been informed, by close friends who know my heart, and forgive me over and over while I run such experiential experiments, that Happy Christmas, is not the same as “Merry Christmas” – in answer to my question of, “I’m not getting it – can you help me to understand?” over and over, the reason is given that ‘Christ is being taken out of Christmas” and that is true, even if I say “Blessed Christmas” or “Happy Christmas” – and I admire and respect those who are kind and tell me ‘why it MUST be Merry Christmas” – perhaps, despite their denomination or views on what status, Mary, mother of Jesus, hold within their faith, plays a part – I do not claim to know – alas – for those I care about, work with, live within a neighborhood, where, push comes to shove? We would most likely find what is in need of to survive, preserve life or limb best as we can, within walking distance? The forgive me, over and over, when I celebrate the Solstice, the tenets of Kwanza for community, even though, Chanukah/Hanukah (?? I still do not claim to know which is correct – my orthdox friends forgive me my ignorance or needing retraining every, bloomin’ year) the New Year of this group or that – Boxing Day for my friends who celebrate it – the sigh of relief by many of farming, gardening, ranching friends who quietly celebrate the days getting longer after the solstice, and yet, brace for the harsher, colder days, weeks, months to come before Spring actually arrives to make life a tad easier for all living things, involved – sigh – I do not claim to know what will work for everyone, but secretly? (um, now said publicly, AGAIN! out loud – ya know how I love to experiment on myself, first, to see what works/what destroys, if only me? for lessons learned???”

    “When true hearts hear and find in common, even one core ‘higher ideal’ we all wish to live up to? Many things are forgiven in word usage, because, well – we hear the ‘heart’ behind the word usage’ over and over and over – at least, for myself, that is what I’m most grateful, again, this another year moving it’s way into a new one –

    Happy, Blessed, full of contentment and grace, 2023, Judy – (nope, I dare not wish you a Merry 2023! LOL There is only so far my hypocrisy will go – – 😀

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