Poor Spousal Support

Poor Spousal Support

His espousal of a single life was open to debate,
for with a wife and three small girls, it came a little late.
But he lusted for the “good life” now that he earned a lot.
He yearned for wild night life and planned to buy a yacht.

That their spousal settlement was measly, it is true,
but her husband was a lawyer, so what was she to do?
She made the children T-shirts  with an acronym
that best described their father and what she thought of him.

When people were inquisitive, she told them they should say
that CHEAP was an acronym, and without delay,
that  the meaning of it was “Chump Husband Earns A Pittance”
and that is why he’s often late in sending their remittance.

And on the T-shirt’s back, she reserved another space
for another acronym  for their dad to face:
There it spelled out HUNGER, whose letters expressed fairly
the naked  truth: “His UnderNourished Genepool ‘s Eating Rarely!!!

Prompt words today are measly, reserved, acronym, espousal, settlement and inquisitive.

11 thoughts on “Poor Spousal Support

      1. Sam

        Actually what you were alluding to is, unfortunately, too often completely true…. I have seen it, sadly too closely for comfort.. What I was speaking about was the sad fact that it needed to be said, and you did~! So Thanks~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Fathers who don’t support their families goes against my grain and I’ve had so many friends who were either the spouses or the children in such situations. In one case the dad never contributed one cent, then came and became his son’s best friend when he was in his 30’s. I guess better late than never, but my sympathies were with the mother who scrounged out a living for all those years raising her son. That said, as usual, this poem is fiction, dear Dolly. ;o)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. koolkosherkitchen

        I completely agree regarding fathers who do not pay child support, yet the children who have been already traumatized by divorce, should not be subjected to further trauma by involving them in the fight.



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