Inflated Hopes

Inflated Hopes

What was once a halfpence now may be a dollar.
A whisper given time may turn out to be a holler.
Idealistic bloggers swept away with their next word
may pound away at keyboards not knowing they’re absurd.

Their statements may be loaded with inanities or tears
that may gain profundity through the fog of years.
So if you cannot see the wisdom of this rhyme,
I’m sure you finally will. You need to give it time.

Prompt words today are keyboard, swept, halfpence, tears, load and idealistic.

4 thoughts on “Inflated Hopes

  1. Sam

    Great poem of the cliche’ Judy~!
    But why did you stop~? Most of these took place just last night as the “COCK” crowed just as the clock struck midnight~! So many more, just to name a few:

    “The wrong side of the bed.” (Too many)
    “Think outside the box.” (Unless you are a politician)
    “Loose canon.” (14 times)
    “A perfect storm.” (not so perfect, with no blue sky in sight)
    “Can of worms.” (20 worms and a whole damn party holding the can)
    “What goes around comes around.” (and around, and around, and around)
    “Dead as a doornail.” (Not yet~! but there is still hope in the next two years~!)
    “Plenty of fish in the sea.” (actually too damn many, and they all smell bad~!)

    GOOD MORNING, hope you get blue skies down there, It is going to be beautiful here, I hope the breeze blows out of the North to blow the smell away~!



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