Vacation Plans

Vacation Plans

Since my store of giddy-up is no longer stellar,
I’m limiting vacation plans to rooftop room and cellar.
My travel guru’s dubious. She says I’ll change my mind.
She thinks I’m merely ground down by the daily grind.

Though I rehearse refusals, the practice doesn’t work.
She merely puts them down as a momentary quirk.
In fact she has been needling me to book a new vacation
and poo-poos my refusals to my great perturbation.

My  stubborn change of attitude regarding foreign travel,
she’s sure that she can pick at till it starts to unravel;
but these are the travel plans for which I’d like to vouch.
The scenery is gorgeous between my bed and couch!


Prompt words today are travel, roof, guru, dubious, needle and rehearsal.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Plans

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I really hate airplanes & airports. After going to Minnesota last May, it’s far worse. Now, with all the cancellations? They cancelled OUR seat on our way out of Boston. All the carriers oversell their planes. If you aren’t there two hours early, they resell your seat. Every connection was a disaster — all the way there and back. It’s worse now. If we can’t drive there, we ain’t going!

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