Guest Blog: Judy’s Keyboard 2.0

Howdy, folks, ForgottenMan here. Remi, who y’all know as Judy, Skyped me this message a few minutes ago:

She was scurrying out the door to join two friends for comida at Quinta San Carlos on the southwest shore of Lake Chapala. Of course, faithful readers will remember her earlier post regarding those well-worn key caps HERE.

Note from Judy:  Unless you enlarge the photo, it may not be obvious to you that I did not buy new keys or keycaps. I actually typed the missing letters out and copied them, glued them to my keys and then covered them with tape. We’ll see how long they last. Thanks, Forgottenman, for doing my blog chores!!!

And if you’d like to check out her lunch destination, you can read about it and see photos HERE.

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