Old Photographs

Old Photographs

Dark shadows that were yesterday 
in flashbulb’s glare have given way
to images where we are kept
on pages where for years we’ve slept.

They apprise us of the past,
employing images that last
to dominate in blinding light
the past that otherwise takes flight.

Prompt words today are glare, dominant, blinding, apprise, employ and yesterday.

13 thoughts on “Old Photographs

  1. Stine Writing and Miniatures

    It is so true! All of those memories that someone wanted to capture just fly in the wind! I have a lot of photos that were from my late husband’s family. I have already sent my brother-in-law a lot of it but I keep finding more. There really is no point in saving it because I don’t know any story behind it.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      That’s why I’m trying to get in gear to publish the family stories with photos. I finished the book more than a year ago but just drag my feet with the publishing. No one may be interested but important for me to do so. Perhaps someone hundreds of years from now will be interested.

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    2. Perpetua

      What did you do with the old photos? Your comment reminded me of the time my mom passed away. We laid out all the albums and photos on the table to pick and choose what they want. I kept one faded photo of my great-grandfather.

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